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    20/05/2022  10:30 - 12:00

    Daily technique class is essential for a professional dancer. At 10h30 each day there is an hour and a half class that supports the dancer’s body, technique, reflexes, imagination and morale. The class is a straight-forward movement training. All techniques are visited though not each one every time in every class. There might be Basic Modern, Release, Foor-Work or Acrobatics, Cunningham or Limon and steps coming from Jazz or Ballet. Each Class works all the essential aspects in a progressive way from warm-up, through technical exercises until phrases and combinations in the center floor before finishing with a stretch at the end. AND… in order to support the fundamentals in our technique, speed and musicality, THURSDAY morning is BALLET with Aki Nishio. Her class is specifically designed for professional level contemporary dancers.


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